17 years & still loving each other!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Fleece Projects for Christmas

For the last couple of days my living room downstairs has been invaded by fleece - I have completed 18 items & so glad to have them completed - Here are my creation!  I had a fun time doing these.

These are scarf sets with arm warmers for Cassie (Pink, Purple, and Lime Green)

The flowers for each of the scarves that could be interchanged if she wanted.

Head Band Ear Warmer Wrap w/ flower

Cassie has always wanted a snuggie - go figure so this year I gave in but I am on a very tight budget with only having basicly 1 income so I have improvisedd this year and decided to make gifts like these.  It turned out cute can't wait to see it on her!

Cassie already thinks that I am out of my mind and can't figure out why I am making all these fleece things and so I had her model these arm warmers.  She loves them and doesn't know these are for her one out of each color.  We will do more embellishing later.  Haven't found what I want or like yet.

Like I said on a budget - every year Cassie has been able to get an outfit for each of her Build a Bears (she has 3 and Brook has 1) so I didn't really want to break the tradition and so instead of $10 - $12 per bear I made little night gowns and bear snuggle bags for each of the 4 bears for only $15.00 - this included all the above fleece projects also!
The Bear snuggie bag - my own little creation 4 of these 2 pink, 1 purple, 1 lime green

And of course we couldn't leave out Brook's new dollie and the one that Santa will be bringing her so I made Baby doll snuggle wraps for them as well (1 purple - 1 lime green)

Hey I had to get all the use out of the fabric - not pictured but tons of little flowers like the ones I did on the purple scarf out of each of the colors.  I will find something to do with them all.  I have had such fun making these little things.  (ps - instead of glueing the flowers I serged them so it made it really fast - if anyone wants to know more information just let me know)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Girls!!!

I finally got around to finishing up these photos.  Now just have to pick out the ones to give Grandparents and to put on our wall.  Decisions....UGH!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Pics

(This one is my most favorite - Cassie said something - don't remember what - Brook turned and started spitting at her) so random
Ok - It has been quite a while since I have posted things.  Things have been a bit crazy and busy.  It is amazing how a 9 year difference makes between kids and how much you forget - the sleepless nights, forgetfullness (which I thought was attributed to the pregnancy), and various other things that I can't seem to remember!!!!  Anyway here are some pictures of my girls in there Halloween garb.  It was quite a bummer for Cassie the trunk or treat was well raining! So there was very little candy but we made up for it with a movie night and pizza and just some fun family time.  She can't eat alot of the candy anyways and she was really great with it.  She was so excited to hand out the candy to all the trick or treaters that came to our door. 

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tim McGraw Concert Pics

Here are the concert pics - I can't even begin to tell you all how much fun we had.  Cassie was so on cloud nine about her experiences and opportunities.  ENJOY!!!
Cassie & I waiting for 2 hours before the gates opened.  It was extremly warm - no make that HOT - but well worth the wait!

VIP Pre-Concert Show - It was so neat to be right there.

One of our group shots from left to right - Becky Dunn (my sis friend), ME, CASSIE, Larry - my older brother, Mom & Roger
*******I got to put my arm around TIM MCGRAW*******

Lady Antebellum's Group Cassie got a guitar pick from this individual (don't know the name)

More of Lady Antebellum's group!!!

Cassie's big moment - Tim McGraw helping her on stage!!!

The look on her face was priceless!  What an experience that she will remember forever!
Tim McGraw and Cassie dancing on Stage!!!!!!

Cassie after dancing and getting her hand kissed by Tim McGraw - would you say she was so excited or what!

More excited and her realizing - Oh My Goodness - Did I just do that!!!

Priceless moments - She has calmed down alittle in this photo but still beaming from the whole experience.


Loved this Pic!!!
That is all I will post for now - I only have about 180 pics.  What a scrapbook this will be!!!  Hope you all enjoy!!!  I have to thank my sis friend Becky for some of these pics because my camera battery died!!!  THANK YOU BECKY!!!!
We had such a fun time - the dripping sweat was worth everything.  What an AWESOME experience!!!
Can't wait to start working on the album - mine will be digital but Cassies will be done traditional we got the photos picked up from Costco today so we will be starting on this album soon.  She wants to have it done before school starts in a couple of weeks.


Ok I know that it is now after midnight but my ears are still ringing and I will have to post pics tomorrow.  We just had the most awesome evening Cassie and I.  My sis - Marilee - has kept in touch with Tim McGraw's manager and she scored for the 2nd time VIP Passes.  This year I was able to go and being that we didn't have a babysitter for Brook - Aaron was so gracious and Cassie and I went.  It was a long wait but so worth it - the heat sweat and more heat and more sweat.  We had the royal treatment.  We had the preparty show that was catered by Outback - great food and a little mini concert and question - answer with Tim McGraw then we got to back backstage in the VIP area and talk with Tim and take pictures it was so awesome.  Cassie had him sign her hat that she will now treasure for ever.  We got signed autograph pics he hugged us and shook our hands - YES I said HUG!!!!  Lady Antebellum was there as well at the concert.  Cassie got guitar pics from her band and Tim Mcgraw's band.  It was such an awesome experience.  Our seats were right up front where he comes out into the middle of the crowd we were there - WOW!!!  During one of the songs in the beginning Cassie was reaching to touch his hand and she fell over the chair in front of us - Tim came back around and reached for just her hand and shock it.  She was on cloud nine.  Then towards the end of the show was the real treat.  Cassie got to go ON STAGE AND DANCE WITH TIM MCGRAW AND HE KISSED HER HAND.  She was so excited we got some cute pics.  It was such a wonderful experience for her that she will remember forever.  I only wish I had brought my GOOD camera as the battery on my little camera died, UGH.  But thank goodness for friends that took all the rest of the pics for me.  WOW is all I can say.  My ears are still ringing a bit.  You could feel your body shake from the bass speakers that were right under the stage.  THANK YOU MARILEE!!!!  THANK YOU AARON for watching Brook I have such a wonderful Hubby!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Family Pics

Cassie said this is a smile - I beg to differ. She says it is a her small smile! Got to love them.
It was a crazy day taking family pics of all the Rapp side of the family at the beginning of this month.  Trying to get 7 children under 9 years of age, 2 babies, 2 teenagers and 10 adults to all cooperate and smile at the same time, almost impossible.  I will post some of the entire family tomorrow but here is some of our little family. 

Aaron's idea to put Brook in amongst the Ivy at Garden Park Ward  she was somewhat asleep for the first 2 pics....
Then Brook woke up and just looked at us like what in the world are you people doing to me! 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I am finally getting around to updating somethings. Life has been quite hectic and time has passed so fast. Brook is almost 3 months old, Cassie is finishing up 3rd grade, Aaron is glad it is summer and I am enjoying being a stay at home mom.

Brook in her blessing dress - I will have to post a full body one but can't locate it at this time.  I loved her smile on this picture.

She is starting to smile and laugh - She loves to see Cassie in the mornings and her face lights up when she comes in the room.  I feel so blessed that they have such a wonderful connection and hope that will continue as they get older.

Aaron is not one for the hair accessories and neither is Cassie, she constantly checks to see if it is leaving any marks on Brooks little head and will remove the hair band if it is.  I can't win for losing on this - I was so hoping to get to use all these hair accessories that Cassie doesn't use and never has really used.  Hopefully that will change!

Cassie and Brook both couldn't wait for pictures to be done!
They look so excited.  Cassie is such a tremendous help.  She loves to hold Brook before school in the mornings.  I welcome the help and miss her while she is at school during the day. 


They are both Snugglers!

Welcome Brook!!!

Welcome Brook!!!

The Proud Big Sister

The Proud Big Sister
Cassie was so excited and could not wait to hold little Brook!

The Three of us for 1 more night!!!

The Three of us for 1 more night!!!
Night before Brook is born!!!

Truly Unforgettable!

Truly Unforgettable!
School Picture Day - I decided to do some of my own in case her hair got messed up! I just couldn't help myself!

I Love You Card

I Love You Card
This is Aaron's very original and creative Birthday card he made for me I love it and have the pictures hung in my office at work! February 2008

Cassie Lynn